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Who We Are

Our Purpose

We hold to four purposes of the local church.

  • First, we strive for the glorification of God in every aspect of our ministries.

  • Secondly, we strive for the sanctification of the saints through the teaching and ministries of the church.

  • Third, we desire the edification of the believers and

  • Fourth, the salvation of the lost be at the heart of every ministry endeavor of our church. 

Our Goals


Helping the growth of believers

Through small groups, discipleship, accountability, counseling and more


Offering opportunities for service

Utilizing the skills and spiritual gifts of each believer and member of the church


Preaching Truth with every day application

By  proclaiming God's Word through expositional and contextual preaching in regards to the 21st century


Exemplifying Christ in our community

Getting involved and providing aide to physical and spiritual needs while staying true to God's Word

At Hope, our desire is to provide hope to all who walk through our doors. God's Word makes it clear that Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of hope and peace for mankind. We strive to do this by: 

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